Modern urban organic furniture created by nature, crafted by hand. Richard Nardone custom designs and crafts one-off pieces of fine furniture.
Whether you're looking for a future family heirloom, a boardroom table, a bed, a desk, a coffee table... I can help bring your ideas to life using extraordinary
eco-friendly and reclaimed hardwood slabs such as Claro Walnut, European Walnut, English Elm, Bubinga, Eucaylptus, Mahogany, Big Leaf Maple, Redwood, and Ipe.
Inspired by a passion for beautiful and exotic wood, guided by a respect for the majesty and grace of our natural world.

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Once a piece is completely assembled and hand sanded with extremely fine paper it is ready for finishing. A machine polishing followed by a lengthy hand rubbed oil process begins which can take up to two weeks with many thin coat applications. This procedure intensifies the wood’s grain and texture creating a beautiful, rich look. Our oils provide excellent protection and durability while enhancing the natural beauty of the wood.

The oils contain no petroleum distillates, derivatives or heavy metal driers and are completely safe to the environment and the user. Manufactured from sustainable agricultural plant extracts, they are 100% non-toxic and contain no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Unlike many oils on the market which utilize petroleum products and dangerous heavy metal dryers, the polymerized linseed oils we use dry naturally and evenly producing deep, beautiful and durable finish. Once dry, the oil is odorless and coats the surface with an elegant, non-glossy sheen. [next]