Modern urban organic furniture created by nature, crafted by hand. Richard Nardone custom designs and crafts one-off pieces of fine furniture.
Whether you're looking for a future family heirloom, a boardroom table, a bed, a desk, a coffee table... I can help bring your ideas to life using extraordinary
eco-friendly and reclaimed hardwood slabs such as Claro Walnut, European Walnut, English Elm, Bubinga, Eucaylptus, Mahogany, Big Leaf Maple, Redwood, and Ipe.
Inspired by a passion for beautiful and exotic wood, guided by a respect for the majesty and grace of our natural world.

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Richard Nardone’s direction in furniture design is a channel for exposing the miracle and beauty of the natural world by producing uniquely organic functional art. Furniture produced through conventional assembly line progression cannot share the same reflection and inspirational creativity which goes into distinct hand made craftsmanship. “Allowing the wood to speak for itself reveals a hidden narrative thereby yielding a true one-of-a-kind organic creation.”

Each piece is intrinsically created using blend of Japanese minimalism and architectural innovation. Influenced by the master George Nakashima, Nardone creates furniture which is not only unique and timeless, but designed to last generations. Typically, no hardware of any kind is used throughout the construction of a piece, unless structural limits are imposed. Rather, traditional joinery techniques such as hand cut mortise and tenon braces, butterfly inserts, dovetail joints, etc., are utilized ensuring true artisan quality. [next]