Modern urban organic furniture created by nature, crafted by hand. Richard Nardone custom designs and crafts one-off pieces of fine furniture.
Whether you're looking for a future family heirloom, a boardroom table, a bed, a desk, a coffee table... I can help bring your ideas to life using extraordinary
eco-friendly and reclaimed hardwood slabs such as Claro Walnut, European Walnut, English Elm, Bubinga, Eucaylptus, Mahogany, Big Leaf Maple, Redwood, and Ipe.
Inspired by a passion for beautiful and exotic wood, guided by a respect for the majesty and grace of our natural world.

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Production time varies with each piece. A project is never unduly rushed and meticulous design principles are always maintained. A disciplined perfectionist, Nardone’s signature will not go on any work until it is deemed complete and ready for release. There is an immense amount of personal care and quality control which manifests into the process of every project no matter how large or small. Compromise in excellence is never an option.

Hand made joinery is difficult to design and even more difficult to execute, but the love for the craft and the pleasure in the result, far outweigh the labors. One can expect a production time of 6 to 12 weeks depending on the project’s complexity. [next]